Best 3 Inspirational Stories for Students for Success

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Inspirational Stories for Students for Success
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Inspirational Stories for Students for Success : Trouble is another name of our life. Troubles keep coming in our lives. Some accept defeat from these troubles while others face them boldly.

Many people get broken due to these troubles and they need such motivation, due to which they can face these troubles without any fear.

Today here we are sharing Inspirational Stories for Students for Success. These inspirational stories will awaken the enthusiasm to do something new in your life. These inspirational stories will inspire you to do many things in life.

The Inspirational Stories for Students for Success that we have shared here are small motivation stories but there is a big lesson hidden behind these small stories. Which we must definitely implement in our lives.

1.Secret of Success – Inspirational Stories for Students for Success

Once a man asked the great philosopher Socrates, “What is the secret of success?” Socrates told the man to meet him near the river tomorrow morning, there he would get the answer to his question.

When the man was found near the river the next morning, Socrates asked him to go down into the river and measure the depth of the river.

That person got into the river and started moving forward. As soon as the water reached the man’s nose, Socrates came from behind and suddenly immersed his face in the water.

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The person started hurrying to get out, tried to get out but Socrates was a little too strong. Socrates kept him immersed in water for a long time.

After some time, Socrates released him and the man quickly took his mouth out of the water and took a deep breath. Socrates asked the man – “What did you want when you were in the water?” The person said, “I wanted to get out quickly and take a breath.”

Moral of the Story

Socrates said – “This is the answer to your question. When you want success as badly as you want to breathe, you will definitely get success.”

2.Importance of Practice – Inspirational Stories for Students for Success

In ancient times, students used to study by staying in Gurukul only. The child was sent to Gurukul to receive education. The children used to take care of the ashram in the Gurukul under the guidance of the Guru. And also used to study.

Varadaraj was also sent to Gurukul like everyone else. There he started mixing with his friends in the ashram. But he was very weak in studies.

He could understand very little of anything Guruji said. Because of this he becomes a cause of ridicule among everyone.

All his friends moved to the next class but he could not move ahead. Guruji also finally gave up and said to him, “Son, I have tried everything. Now it would be best if you don’t waste your time here. Go to your home and help your family members in their work.”

He also thought that perhaps education was not in his destiny and with a heavy heart he left the Gurukul for home.

It was afternoon, he started feeling thirsty on the way, looking around he found that some women were filling water from the well at a short distance. He went to the well.

There were marks on the stones due to the movement of the rope, so he asked the women, “How did you make these marks?” So a woman replied, “Son, we did not make this mark.

This is because of the repeated movement of this soft rope while pulling the bucket of water upwards from the well, such marks have been formed even on the solid stone.”

Varadaraj was deep in thought. He thought that when deep marks can be made on a solid stone by the repeated movement of a soft rope, then why cannot I acquire knowledge through continuous practice.

Varadaraj came back to Gurukul with great enthusiasm and worked hard tirelessly. Guruji was also happy and cooperated fully.

After a few years, this retarded child Varadaraj later became a great scholar of Sanskrit grammar. Who composed Laghusiddhantkaumudi, Madhyasiddhantkaumudi, Sarasiddhantkaumudi, Girvanpadamanjari.

Moral of the story

Friends, what can we say about the power of practice. It will fulfill all your dreams. Practice is very important whether it is in sports or studies or anything else. You cannot succeed without practice.

If you just rely on luck without practicing, then you will end up with nothing but regrets. Therefore, with practice, patience, hard work and dedication, you should work towards achieving your destination.

3.Never Give Up – Inspirational Stories for Students for Success

A man is going through a forest, he has a donkey, after walking a short distance the donkey falls into a pit. That donkey tries hard to get out of that pit, but even after a lot of hard work, that donkey is not able to get out of that pit.

That man also thought of many different solutions to get the donkey out of the pit, but the man accepts defeat and thinks that his donkey cannot get out of the pit.

That man is not able to think much and comes up with the idea that this donkey should now be buried in this pit so that it is not killed and eaten by any animal.

The man sees a pile of soil a short distance away, he brings soil from the pile and pours it on the donkey, but the amazing thing is that instead of getting buried, the donkey starts coming up with the help of the soil.

Seeing this the man becomes happy and thinks that I was going to bury him. Now if I fill this hole, my ass will come up. Similarly, the man puts soil in the pit and the donkey comes up.

Moral of the story

Friends, in the same way, when we face many problems or difficulties in our life, then we keep thinking only in our mind that how can we solve this problem and we think in our mind that now this problem will not be solved and leave it. Gives.

We have to take action for that problem and when we go to do it actually, we will start getting many more ideas as to how to do it and it will be done very easily.

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Conclusion, (Inspirational Stories for Students for Success)

So we hope that you have learned a good lesson from these stories and if you are in any problem then don’t just think about it, take action on it and no matter how much you are thinking about that problem, it will be difficult but when you go to do it. Then it will become very simple.

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