Best Inspirational Story To Belive in Youself in 2023

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Best Inspirational Story
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Best Inspirational Story : Friends, Life is full of ups and downs. Everyone works hard in life, but it is not necessary that every person gets success. Some people work hard continuously but when they start getting failure then they stop believing in themselves and then they start feeling that now their life has no importance.

There are many people in the world, who give up after getting failure, get scared of the difficulties of the moments that come in life. In such a situation, a person needs an inspirational story. Because such stories increase the confidence of people and tell that it is not easy to achieve success in life.

But the person who believes in himself, works hard continuously, has patience, one day he definitely becomes successful. There are many inspirational stories around the world, from which you can get inspiration, similarly we have brought a Best Inspirational Story for you, after reading which you will start believing in yourself.

Best Inspirational Story

Once upon a time a man was sitting silently dejected by his failures in life. Seeing his despair, God himself appeared in front of him. The person asked God I worked very hard in my life but I didn’t get success till now.

I am continuously getting failure, now you tell me what is the value of my life? The God smiled at this and smilingly handed him a red shiny small stone.

The person asked, what should I do with this stone? God said you take this stone and come to the market knowing its value and take care not to sell this stone. According to God’s saying, that person takes that red shiny stone and sets out to find out its price in the market.

First of all, he sees a man selling oranges on the road. He first goes to that man and asks brother, what price will you pay for this red colored stone? Seeing the beautiful colors of the stone, the orange seller says, you can take 5-6 oranges from me in exchange for this stone. The person said that I do not want to sell this stone, saying this he goes ahead.

On the way ahead, he sees a vegetable vendor. He asks the vegetable seller that brother, for how much will you buy this red colored stone? The vegetable seller also gets attracted by the beauty of that stone and says that I can give you a sack of potatoes in exchange for this stone. Tell me, will you sell this stone? The person says no, I don’t want to sell this stone.

Now that person goes straight to a goldsmith’s shop. There were very precious beautiful ornaments lying in the goldsmith’s shop. That person now shows the stone to the goldsmith and asks what will be the price of this stone? The goldsmith looks at that stone very carefully, at the end he says that I can give you 1 crore rupees in exchange for this stone.

Best Inspirational Story

But that person says that I should not sell this stone. The goldsmith thinks that perhaps I am telling the price less, that is why he is refusing to sell the stone. That’s why the goldsmith increases the price of the stone to 2 crores. But even then that person says that I cannot sell this stone at all.

After leaving the goldsmith’s shop, the person now enters the diamond shop, where many precious gems were lying. The person shows the stone to the diamond shopkeeper and asks its price. The diamond merchant examines the stone very minutely for about 10 minutes and at the end he places the stone on a muslin cloth and bows his head before it.

The person asks how much does it cost? Then the diamond merchant says, oh brother, from where did you get this, this is the world’s priceless gem, which cannot be bought even if you spend all the wealth of the world.

Hearing this, the person becomes very surprised and he directly comes to God and tells the whole incident to God. After that he asks God, now tell me what is the value of my life? Then God says that the orange seller, the vegetable seller, the gold seller and the diamond seller have all told you the value of your life.

The person says, I did not understand. Then God explains to him in detail and says that for some you are like a piece of stone and for some a priceless gem. The way everyone told the value of this stone according to their different information, but that diamond merchant recognized the real identity of this stone.

In the same way you are an ordinary person to many people in this world and no matter how much talent you have. But with time this skill definitely comes, you just need hard work and patience.

Learning from the Story

The lesson we learn from this story is that every human being should have faith in himself. If a person does not believe in himself, then the value of his life is nothing. Because one who has faith in himself and works hard, then one day people start understanding his value like a diamond merchant.

Friends, in this post we have share with you the Best Inspirational Story. We hope you like this Best Inspirational Story.

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