Best Motivational Story for Success in 2023

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Motivational Story for Success
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Motivational Story for Success : Friends, in this post we are telling you an Motivational story. Along with entertainment, this story also serves to give you a big lesson. We hope this story will bring a positive change in your life.

Motivational stories have a different importance in life. There are often moments in life when we get disappointed. In such a situation, motivational words spoken by someone or inspiring sentences written somewhere or motivational stories bring us out of despair and infuse new enthusiasm.

So let’s read in this post about the very best motivational story for success which will definitely inspire you.

Motivational Story for Success

An unemployed youth from a very poor family was traveling by train to go to another city in search of a job. Vegetables were rarely prepared in the house, so he kept only rotis to eat on the way.

After passing half the way, he started feeling hungry, and he took out the rotis from the tiffin and started eating it.

His way of eating was strange, he would take a piece of bread and put it inside the tiffin as if he was eating something else along with the roti, when he had only rotis !! Seeing this action of his and other passengers nearby were surprised.

The young man would take a piece of bread every time and put a lie in the tiffin and eat it. Everyone was wondering why the young man was doing this.

After all, one person could not stay and he asked him why are you doing this brother, you do not have vegetables, then every time you are eating a piece of bread in an empty tiffin as if it has vegetables in it.

Motivational Story for Success in Life

Then the young man replied, “Brother, there is no vegetable in this empty lid, but I am eating it thinking in my mind that there is a lot of pickle in it, I am eating roti with pickle.”

Then the person asked, “If you are eating dry roti thinking of pickle in an empty lid, do you feel the taste of pickle?”

Yes, it is coming, I am eating pickle with roti and I am feeling very good too, replied the young man.

The passengers around him also heard about this, and one of them said, “When you had to think, you would think of peas-paneer instead of pickles, you would think of royal cabbage….you would have got the taste of them.

Motivational Story on Success

As you said, if you thought of pickle, then you would have tasted the pickle, and if you thought of other delicious things, then you would have tasted them.

If you had to think, why should you think small, you should have thought big.

Friends, this story gives us a lesson that you will get what you think. If you think small you will get small, if you think big you will get big.

So always think big in life. Dream big, you will always get big. Thinking small will consume as much energy and time as thinking big, so when you have to think, always think big.

Conclusion :

Friends, in this post we have share with you about Motivational Story. We hope you liked this motivational story.

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