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Best Moral Story
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Best Moral Story : Today we will learn about the moral of the story in this article. After reading which you will get to learn a lot.

Some moral stories are such that they go straight to our heart. We get to learn a lot from these stories.

I have full hope that you will get a lot to learn from the story given here. So let’s read about the Best Moral Story in this article.

The Best Moral Story 1

Once upon a time, a farmer named Dhaniram lived in the village, he had four boys. Dhaniram used to do agricultural work in his field for his livelihood. But all the four sons of Dhaniram were very lazy, they never went to work in the fields. He used to spend the whole day sitting here and there in the village.

One day Dhaniram said to his wife that today I am alive so everything is going well, who will do farming after me. Our children have not even set foot in the fields till date.

Dhaniram’s wife said no problem on this, slowly they will start working. This is how time was passing slowly. One day Dhaniram’s health suddenly worsens, and he falls very ill.

During this, Dhaniram tells his wife to call all the four boys to me, I have very little time. After hearing this, Dhaniram’s wife brings her four sons to their father.

Dhaniram was very worried about what would happen to his sons after that. That’s why he made his four sons sit beside him and said that whatever money I had earned, I have buried it all under my fields.

When I am no more in this world, then after me you have to take out all the buried treasure from the fields and distribute it among you. After hearing this, the four sons of Dhaniram were very happy.

After some time, Dhaniram died due to being very ill. A few days after Dhaniram’s death, his four sons set out to dig up the buried treasure in the field.

After reaching the field, the four sons dug up the entire field, but none of them found anything like a treasure. All four of them were very disappointed by this, and they came home and told their mother that father had told about the treasure buried in the field, it was a lie.

The four of us dug up the whole field, but we could not find any treasure in the field. Hearing this, his mother said that your father has earned only this house and farm in his whole life, now that you have dug the whole field after working so hard, now put seeds in it too.

After this, the four sons sowed the seeds in the field, and according to the mother’s instructions, started adding water and fertilizers to the field on time. Time passed, and after some time the crop was ready in the field.

After harvesting the crop, the four sons sold the crop in the market and whatever money they got from it, they were very happy. After this, when the four sons went home, the mother said that son, your father wants to explain to you that we get wealth in return for the hard work we do.

Moral Of The Story

This story teaches us that if we want to be successful in our life, we should work hard. If any person is too lazy, then he is wasting the precious time of his life. That’s why you should always work hard in the right direction in your life.

Short Best Moral Story 2

Two friends lived in a village, one’s name was Mohan and the other’s name was Sohan. Both had a very deep friendship. Mohan was a very religious person, he was always engrossed in devotion to God, while Sohan was very hardworking.

Once both of them thought of taking a bigha of land and growing crops in it, after which they wanted to build a nice house.

After this both the friends bought the field, Sohan would work day and night in the field, and Mohan would sit in the temple and pray to God for a good crop. In this way time passed, and after a few days the crop ripened.

After harvesting the crop, he went to the market and sold it. After this they got good money. On this, Sohan said that I have more share in this, because I have grown crops day and night by giving manure and water to the field.

But Mohan gets angry after hearing this, and says that I should get more of the money, because I have prayed to God for a good crop in my farm and until God’s will, Nobody can do anything. Both started fighting about this matter, now this matter has reached the head of the village.

The head of the village took a decision after listening to everything. The headman gave a sack of rice to both the friends, in which small pebbles were mixed between the rice.

The chief said, take this sack of rice home and separate rice and pebbles from it till morning, then I will decide in the morning who should get more money for the crop.

Both went home with their own sacks of rice. Sohan opened his sack of rice and started separating pebbles from it.

Mohan went to the temple with his sack of rice and started praying to God to separate the pebble from the rice, he said God separate the pebble from my rice.

Both of them reached at the head in the next morning, Sohan kept awake the whole night and separated all the pebbles one by one from the rice.

The headman was very happy at this, and Mohan took his sack from the temple and placed it in front of the headman and said to the chief, you open the sack and see, I have full faith in God, that all the pebbles must have come out of this sack of rice. But when the chief opened the sack of rice, he saw that all the pebbles were present in the middle of the rice.

While explaining to Mohan, the headman said that God also helps us whenever we work hard from our side. Explaining this, the headman gave the maximum amount of the crop to Sohan.

After this, Mohan also started working hard in the field with Sohan. This time there was an even better crop in his field.

Moral of the Story

This story teaches us that we should never completely rely on God. Because God also helps us only when we work hard from our side.

Conclusion (Best Moral Story)

Friends, in this post we have share with you the Best Moral Story. We hope you like this Best Moral Story.

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