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Facts of World War 2
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Facts of World War 2 : World War II was a world-class war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. The land-water-air forces of about 70 countries were involved in this war.

About 100 million soldiers of different nations were involved in this war. This war is considered to be the most destructive war till date.

Five to Seven crore people lost their lives in this world war. Such important facts related to World War II are as follows.

Facts of World War 2

1.World War II started on 1 September 1939 and ended on 2 September 1945, meaning this World War II was fought for 6 years.year

2.61 countries of the world took part in World War II.

3.During this world war, atomic bombs were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

4.Japan was the last country to be defeated by the Allies in World War II.

5.America used atom bomb on Japan on 6 August 1945.

Facts about the World War 2

6.Russia lost most of its citizens, about 21 million Russian civilians were killed in this war.

7.According to a study, about 1.5 million children died during this war.

8.Between 1939 and 1945, about 3.4 million bombs were dropped, an average of 27,700 bombs per month.

9.Russia and the Red Army have been accused of raping more than two million German women aged 13 to 70.

10.Atomic bombs were used for the first time in this second world war.

Facts for World War 2

11.World War II started on 1 September 1939 due to Germany’s invasion of Poland.

12.The greatest contribution of World War II is considered to be the establishment of the United Nations (UN).

13.During World War II, the US President was Franklin D. Roosevelty, while the Prime Minister of England was Winsteron Churchill.

14.The end of the World War 2 was celebrated on 9 May. But it completely ended on 2 September 1945 after the surrender of Japan.

15.The biggest loss of this world war was that crores of people lost their lives.

Information about World War 2 and Facts

Facts of World War 2

16.Hitler is considered responsible for World War II.

Facts of World War 2

17.The Indian religious symbol Swastika was used by the Nazi army during the war itself.

Facts of World War 2

18.The credit for Germany’s defeat in World War II goes to Russia.

Facts of World War 2

19.About six million Jewish civilians were killed during the Holocaust.

Facts of World War 2

20.Germany’s plan to attack the Soviet Union was called the Barbosa Plan.

Facts of World War 2

21.In this war the world was divided into two parts – the Allies and the Axis.

22.Britain, France, Russia, China and the United States were the Allies and Germany, Italy and Japan in the Axis.

23.After a long six years into the war, the Allies won the war when Germany surrendered.

24.VE Day is on May 8 every year. It is a day when we remember all those in the armed forces who fought and lost their lives during the war.

25.It all started when the leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler, together with the Nazi Party, decided that they wanted to rule Europe. They wanted to get more land and power and hence decided to invade Poland.

Strange Facts about World War 2

26.The first German soldier killed in battle was killed by the Japanese.

27.The first American soldier killed was executed by the Russians.

28.During World War II, the largest Japanese spy ring was actually located in Mexico.

29.The first bomb dropped on Berlin by the Allies killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

30.The total casualties for World War II ranged between 50 – 70 million people, of which 80 percent were from only four countries – Russia, China, Germany and Poland. More than 50 percent of the casualties were civilians, most of whom were women and children.

Random Facts about World War 2

31.Millions of Germans were imprisoned and killed during this war because they did not fit the image of a ‘perfect’ German

32.Around the same time that Germany fought for power in Europe, Japan wanted to control Asia and the Pacific.

33.The US did not join the war until 1941, when Japan invaded the United States.

34.Around 8,000,000 French, Dutch and Belgian refugees were created during the summer of 1940.

35.The British had developed an air defence network that gave them a critical advantage.

Important Facts about World War 2

36.The credit for Germany’s defeat in World War II goes to Russia.

37.Italy entered World War II from Germany on 10 June 1940.

38.The President of the United States during World War II was Franklin D. Roosevelty.

39.America joined World War II on 8 September 1941.

40.The Prime Minister of England during this war was Winsteron Churchill.


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