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Quotes of William Shakespeare
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Quotes of William Shakespeare : William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright and actor of the 16th century. He was also called the national poet of England.

William Shakespeare is known as the best writer and playwright of the English language and his plays have been translated into almost all major languages.

He is known as a scholar poet, today we will know Quotes of William Shakespeare which will inspire you to move forward in life.

Quotes of William Shakespeare

Quotes of William Shakespeare

1.The making of our destiny is not in the hands of the stars, but in our own hands.

Quotes of William Shakespeare

2.Some humans are born great, some earn greatness and some people get greatness spontaneously.

Quotes of William Shakespeare

3.Cowards die many times before their death, the brave embrace death only once.

Quotes of William Shakespeare

4.Life can be extended with the help of medicines, however, death will catch even the doctor.

Quotes of William Shakespeare

5.Ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge is the wing with which we can fly to heaven.

Quotes from William Shakespeare

Quotes of William Shakespeare

6.Love everyone but trust only a few, and don’t hurt anyone.

Quotes of William Shakespeare

7.Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

Quotes of William Shakespeare

8.A fool thinks himself wise, but a wise man thinks himself a fool.

Quotes of William Shakespeare

9.What’s in a name, if you call a rose by any other name, it will smell just as beautiful.

Quotes of William Shakespeare

10.When we are born we cry because we have come to this great theater of fools.

Quotes by Shakespeare on Life

11.If you love and still you get hurt, then go on loving until the suffering stops.

12.How far does the light of a small candle go! Similarly a good deed shines in this evil world.

13.There’s an old saying that applies to me as well, you can’t lose the game you’re not playing.

14.Be great in your deeds as you are great in your thoughts.

15.Proceed wisely and comfortably, those who make mistakes in haste fall down.

Quotes by Shakespeare on Friendship

16.Beware of envy, for this monster despises and deceives the body on which it feeds.

17.We know what we are but we do not know what we can become.

18.Happy are those people who, after knowing the stigma attached to them, start removing it.

19.When he was brave I respected him but when he became ambitious I killed him.

20.Nothing is good or bad but our thoughts make us good or bad.

Quotes of William Shakespeare about Love

21.I fell in love the moment I saw you. You smiled because you knew it.

22.Love is blind and people in love see nothing.

23.Keep in mind never swear on the moon, because the moon is always changing and your love will also change.

24.It is good to find love, but it is best if you find true love without searching.

25.Every person should bear the consequences of his conduct patiently.

Famous Quotes by William Shakespeare

26.As flies are to mischievous children, so are we to the gods, they kill us for their amusement.

27.Over time that which we fear often ends up hating.

28.Take care of your language otherwise you will spoil your luck.

29.Maids want nothing but husbands, and when they get them, they want everything.

30.When a father gives to his son, both laugh, when a son gives to his father, both cry.

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Best Quotes of William Shakespeare

31.Sometimes the biggest pain in breaking up with someone is realizing that you weren’t meant for them.

32.Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

33.The world is a stage, and all men and women are characters, they have to come and go And a person plays many characters in his life.

34.It is better to come three hours early than a minute late.

35.Everyone should bear the consequences of his conduct patiently.

Quotes by William Shakespeare on Success

36.Fish live in water, just as humans live on land, the big ones eat the small ones.

37.God has given you a face, and you create a new one for yourself.

38.How sharper is it to be an ungrateful child than a serpent’s fang.

39.I believe fashion tears clothes more than humans.

40.I wasted time, and now time is wasting me.

Inspirational Quotes of William Shakespeare

41.If doing were as easy as knowing what to do, mortuaries would be churches, and paupers’ huts palaces.

42.Over time, we often end up hating what we fear.

43.That father is wise who knows his child.

44.My crown is satisfaction, a crown that kings and emperors enjoy only occasionally.

45.The usefulness of adverse circumstances is sweet, like that frog, though ugly and poisonous, has a priceless gem in its head.

Quotes by Shakespeare on Education

46.If you want to do great things, don’t be afraid to make new mistakes.

47.If you keep hope from someone, then one day you will definitely feel pain – because hope will break one day or the other, and when it breaks, it hurts a lot.

48.It is more important that we remain true and honest with ourselves.

49.The fate of all of us is hidden not in the stars, but within us. just too late to recognize him.

50.Empty vessels make the most noise.

Best of Shakespeare Quotes

51.Expecting help from others for yourself is the root of all evils.

52.If the end is good then all is well.

53.The one who gives arguments against reading, understand how well read he is.

54.There is no true bravery in fighting false battles.

55.You neither borrow from anyone nor lend to anyone.

William Shakespeare Quotes of Love

56.Speak in a low voice, if you are talking about love.

57.Try to be the way we have become.

58.Davil can take the help of Vedas to achieve his objectives.

59.Above all, it is important that we remain true to ourselves.

60.Speak as you can and do as you speak.

Famous Quotes from William Shakespeare

61.The golden age is before us, not behind us.

62.We know very well what we are, but not what we can become.

63.When sorrow comes in a person’s life, one does not come alone, but comes with the whole army.

64.Suspicion always haunts the guilty.

65.The path of true love is never easy.

Quotation of William Shakespeare

66.Make a few mistakes to do a great job.

67.With time, what we often start to fear, we start hating.

68.A wise man moves forward slowly, those who make the mistake of moving forward in haste always fall.

69.I challenge you to a battle of wits but I can see that you are unarmed.

70.The way you have been great in your thoughts, be great in your deeds.

71.The more attractive a women is, the less she has a chance to have a true love and the more she is likely to live with a broken heart.

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