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Quotes from Aristotle
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Quotes from Aristotle : Aristotle was a great Greek philosopher and scientist. He was one of the best disciples of Plato. Along with this, he was also the guru of Alexander, who was called the world conqueror.

He wrote on many subjects including physics, mathematics, drama, logic, ethics, biology, spirituality, music, poetry, political science, etc.

Aristotle, with his great thoughts and teachings, told people the way to move forward in life, so let’s read about the great and inspirational thoughts of the great thinker Aristotle.

Best Quotes from Aristotle

Quotes from Aristotle

1.One who is everyone’s friend is no one’s friend.

Quotes from Aristotle

2.We should pay attention to the light, even in our darkest times.

Quotes from Aristotle

3.We cannot do anything without courage, it is the best quality of our mind.

Quotes from Aristotle

4.The roots of education are bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Quotes from Aristotle

5.Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.

Aristotle Quotes on Success

Quotes from Aristotle

6.The youth is easily deceived because it is overly optimistic.

Quotes from Aristotle

7.All paid jobs absorb and weaken people’s mind.

Quotes from Aristotle

8.No great mind can exist without madness.

Quotes from Aristotle

9.Learning is not a child’s play, we cannot learn without pain.

Quotes from Aristotle

10.Time breaks things into pieces, with time everything becomes old and after some time everything is forgotten.

Best Quotes from Aristotle

11.One who has overcome his fear is truly free.

12.One who is not a good follower cannot be a good leader.

13.If we want to write well, then we should live like a normal person, but when it comes to thinking, we should think like a learned person.

14.Our conduct, nature and behavior can be the most effective means of getting our point across.

15.Fear is the pain born of the desire for evil.

Most Famous Aristotle Quotes

16.We should give more respect to the teachers who give good education than our parents, because parents have given birth to us but teachers have taught us to live.

17.No one can love the person whom he fears.

18.It is the nature of any person that makes him reliable, not his wealth, so nature should be given more importance than wealth.

19.Education is the best provision for old age.

20.Man is such a creature, who lives for his goals, this is the meaning of his life, when he keeps striving for his goals and keeps achieving them.

Great Quotes from Aristotle

21.Hesitation may be an ornament for young people but it is a disgrace for older people.

22.Anyone can get angry, it’s easy, but getting angry with the right person, to the right extent, at the right time, with the right purpose and in the right way is not easy and it is not easy for everyone.

23.The best person can become the one who accepts the sorrows and challenges as the blessings of God and moves forward.

24.All actions of human beings are due to one or more of these seven reasons, opportunity, nature, helplessness, disposition, reason, madness and desire.

25.Being the best is not a task, but it is a habit of ours, which we do again and again.

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Quotes from Aristotle

26.There is only one way to avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.

27.Patience is bitter but its fruit is always sweet.

28.A human being is the best of all beings, the most generous, but becomes the worst if there is no system of law and justice.

29.If you do not have courage then you cannot do anything in this world, because courage is the greatest attribute of the mind after prestige.

30.It is more difficult to win over our desires than to win over enemies, we cannot control our desires easily.

Famous Quotes of Aristotle

31.If you are determined once, then every trouble in the world will bow before your courage.

32.Just as an empty vessel makes a lot of noise, in the same way the people of the retarded make a lot of rumblings.

33.A man may have everything, but he would not want to live without friends.

34.Only by being happy in your work, you can complete your work.

35.If you do not have courage then you cannot achieve anything in this world.

Famous Quotes By Aristotle

36.You should respect your friend, always praise him behind his back and help him when needed.

37.There is something wonderful to be seen in all the things made by nature.

38.Friendship is such a relationship that in two hearts there is only one soul.

39.We can become brave and strong only by acts of patience and bravery.

40.The only meaning of human life is to set one’s goal and be dedicated to achieve it.

Aristotle Quotes on Education

41.Often youth are deceived because they always do all the decisions and actions in a hurry.

42.Instead of being cowardly and brainless, we should be courageous and patient with mind.

43.The energy of the mind shows us the way to move forward in life.

44.Friendship is a very easy task but it is very difficult and patient to maintain it.

45.The best person can become the one who accepts the sorrows and challenges as the command of God and moves forward by accepting them.

Aristotle Quotes about Life

46.It is natural to get angry but controlling it in time is a sign of great men.

47.The difference between educated and uneducated is as much as between the living and the dead.

48.Happy are those who respect their friends, support them in sorrow and are at the forefront of help when needed.

49.Money has no value after a certain time.

50.Those who are of bad nature keep burning in the fire of repentance.

Aristotle Quotes on Friendship

51.A good start of a work makes that work half.

52.What we do over and over again becomes our habit.

53.One who cannot be a good disciple can never become a good leader.

54.It is a characteristic of educated people to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it.

55.No great mind has ever come into existence without going to the extent of madness.


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