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Bruce Lee's Most Famous Quotes
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Bruce Lee’s Most Famous Quotes Bruce Lee was a Chinese Hong Kong Martial Arts Champion, philosopher, film producer, author, model, and a phenomenal actor.

The sayings and quotes of Bruce Lee give us strength and inspiration to face the reality of the world.

Let us know the Bruce Lee Most Famous Quotes, which will Motivate you for your every goal and will be helpful to achieve your Achievements.

Bruce Lee’s Most Famous Quotes

1.Mistakes can always be forgiven, if you have them Have the courage to accept.

2.Stubborn people, are like those hard trees, which break easily.

3.Always achieve a goal doesn’t happen to do, it often aims to acts as something.

4.Always remember no one is defeated until He does not lose courage on his own.

5.It is not enough to know something, we must also apply it, it is not enough just to have the will, we must also do it.

Bruce Lee’s Quotes

6.Time is life, if you also love your life, then don’t waste time.

7.No one can defeat you, unless you give up.

8.Admitting mistakes in any dare to make mistakes It’s always worth forgiving.

9.I can’t teach anyone anything, but I can definitely help you find yourself.

10.A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

Quotes from Bruce Lee’s

11.The most successful warrior is always the average guy who has laser focus.

12.Take what is useful Discard what is useless and add only that which is your own.

13.Never waste energy on worries or negative thoughts, all problems come into existence, drop them.

14.Defeat is a thought of the mind, a person does not lose until he accepts defeat as truth.

15.This moment has neither tomorrow nor past, it is not the result of any thought, therefore this time is right.

Quotation of Bruce Lee’s

16.The point is that flowing water never rots, so just keep flowing.

17.Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult life.

18.I did not come in this world to live on your wishes and you also did not come in this world to live on my wishes.

19.knowledge gives you power, But character earns you respect.

20.A good teacher is one who saves his students from his own influence.

Bruce Lee’s Famous Quotes

21.The goal doesn’t mean To reach somewhere, goal means to move forward for some purpose.

22.Keep in mind that the stiffest trees break most easily, while the thinner ones bend with the wind and survive.

23.The more we value things, the less we value ourselves.

24.Always be real, express yourself, believe in yourself and don’t copy any successful person.

25.The key to immortality lies in first living a memorable life.

Bruce Lee’s Most Famous Quotes

26.Those who are unaware that they are walking in the dark will never seek the light.

27.If you spend more time thinking, you will get success too late.

28.Always keep this in mind that no man is defeated until until he loses his temper.

29.If you think something is impossible, you will make it impossible.

30.Always make the goal great, because in great efforts Failure is also a matter of pride.

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Motivational Quotes from Bruce Lee’s

31.Remember no one is defeated until he loses his courage.

32.Life is your teacher and you are in a constant state of learning.

33.Take things as they are, When you want to punch, punch, and when you want to kick, kick.

34.If you spend too much time thinking about something, you can never accomplish it.

35.The key to immortality first Live a life worth remembering.

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Best Quotes from Bruce Lee

36.Criticize others And it’s so easy to hurt their feelings, But knowing yourself takes a lifetime.

37.Defeat is not defeat until it is accepted as a reality in your own mind.

38.If you don’t want to slip tomorrow then tell the truth today.

39.Target doesn’t mean anything Can’t reach anywhere One has to grow for the purpose.

40.Learning is not accumulation It is to live the moment which has neither beginning nor end.

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Quotes by Bruce Lee’s

41.Today’s most difficult task is to prepare for tomorrow.

42.The more we give more importance to other things, the more we Will give less importance to himself.

43.To show oneself off is to show one’s nobility in front of a fool.

44.Only fools put their faith in appearances.

45.To make extra effort Make it a part of your daily habit.

Quotes of Bruce Lee’s

46.I am not in this world to fulfill the expectation of others, but to live up to my own expectation.

47.In the battle of life, it is not always the stronger or faster person who wins, but the one who thinks he can win.

48.Practice makes perfect, after practicing for a long time our work becomes natural, skillful, fast and steady.

49.Don’t allow negative thoughts to enter your mind, because they are the garbage that lowers your self-confidence.

50.Always aim great, because even in great endeavors it is great to fail.

Famous Bruce Lee’s Saying

51.Quick temper will soon prove you a fool.

52.Knowledge gives you power, but character gives you respect.

53.I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

54.To hell with the situation, I create the opportunities myself.

55.Learning is not accumulation, it is living the moment which has no beginning and no end.

Bruce Lee’s Most Famous Quotes

56.Goal does not mean to reach somewhere, it has to grow for the purpose.

57.Karma is not right or wrong. But when the action is partial, incomplete, then the matter of right or wrong comes to the fore.

58.Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to live a difficult life.

59.Knowledge and character bring us power and respect.

60.It is easy to criticize others and hurt their feelings, but it takes a lifetime to know yourself.

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