Best Motivational Story for Students in 2023

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Best Motivational Story for Students
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Best Motivational Story for Students : Friends, whenever we start any work, in the beginning we do it with great enthusiasm, but as time passes we become lazy towards that work and do not do our work and waste our time.

That’s why we need inspiration and motivation from time to time. Students also do something similar, so they should listen to inspirational stories and motivational stories from time to time, so that they keep moving forward towards their goals.

Students should listen to inspirational or motivational story about their studies or sports or whenever they lose their morale.

Hearing such stories boosts the morale of the students. Keeping this in mind, we have brought here an Best Motivational Story for Students, which you should read and boost your morale.

Best Motivational Story for Students

There lived a boy named James in a village. The boy loved his mother very much. There were only three people in his house. A father, a mother and a James himself.

As time goes on, one day James’s mother’s health takes a turn for the worse. Her mother goes to the hospital, but she is unable to come home alive. This breaks James a lot from inside and he even stopped eating for several days.

Seeing such condition of James, his father left him to live with his sister and himself went back to his village.

James wanted to know why his mother died? Time goes on. Now James was about 15 years old. Right now he was studying class 10th. Since James was studying from the village, he does not have much knowledge yet. But one day he learns that doctors are Gods. He can heal any sick person. Now this thing settled in James’s mind.

Now he wants to study and become a doctor. He tells this to his sister and she tells this to James’ father.

James’s father is overjoyed to listen that his son wants to become a doctor, but at the same time he starts thinking that it takes a lot of money to study a doctor.

Where will all this money come from? James tells his father the solution to the problem. He says, Father! If I have studied 10 and 12 well, then I can study in a good government college for free, but for this I have to leave my village and go to some city and study.

Hearing this, James’ father says son! For this I will mortgage all my land and it happens. James’ father mortgages all his land. Then he sends James to the city. James comes to town for the first time. Here he sees a variety of things and styles. Seeing this, he deviates from his main goal.

Best Motivational Story for Students

Now he did not feel like studying. Then he befriends a girl. He considers that girl as his life. This is how time passes. One day James’ father gets a call. James father says, son how are you? James says I am fine.

After this James’s father asks, how is the son’s studies going? On this he scoffs and says, it is going very well. His class 10 result comes.

in which he had fallen. Seeing this, he gets very sad from inside. But his sadness increases when his girlfriend wanted to end the friendship with him.

For which he had spoiled his studies. Now James was understanding this world. He does not delay a single moment and breaks friendship with everyone and now starts studying diligently.

He also tells all his mistake to his father. His father says it doesn’t matter, but you don’t make such a mistake again.

He used to study for 15 hours a day. time passes by. He again gives class 10 exam. His result comes in which he has topped in his entire school.

With time, he worked harder and studied more. His hard work pays off, he gets selected in a big government college. Hearing this, his father is as happy as he had never been.

Friends, this story makes us understand that we should not get caught in any kind of distraction during studies. We should do our studies with full hard work so that we can be successful in our goal.


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